Competitions Officer Glenn McKnight

nirNorthern Ireland
Current Team
Past Teams
Mariners, Aviators

The key responsibilities of the Softball Ulster Competitions Officer include:

  • Work directly with the Chairperson and SU Council to develop the sport of softball in Ulster.
  • Take the lead in the development of the SU league and all SU competitions (e.g. SOS, CT Cup or EOS tournaments).
  • Prepare a draft league schedule in the pre-season for approval by the SU Council and SU team captains.
  • Liaise with the Treasurer to manage the budget for all SU tournaments, including the purchase of new equipment.
  • Liaise with the Secretary in communicating league schedules and events with the SU membership.
  • Liaise with the Chief Umpire to prepare a schedule of umpire cover for the regular SU league and SU tournaments.
  • Liaise with SI and the other regional leagues to ensure events calendars do not clash.
  • Liaise with the Media Officer to ensure the SU website is updated in a timely fashion with game results and schedule changes.