Season: 2019

Andrew Craven

The key responsibilities of the Softball Ulster Chairperson include:

  • Provide vision and leadership to the SU Council.
  • Work with the SU Council and the membership to develop the sport of softball in Ulster.
  • Set the date, time and location of SU Council meetings.
  • Develop a timeline and strategic plan for the upcoming season.
  • Chair SU Council meetings.
  • Work with the SU Council to develop amendments to the constitution, bylaws and disciplinary procedures.
  • Ensure there is an adequate communication structure in place between the SU Council and SU teams.
  • Appoint any SU Council members as necessary to maintain and develop the sport of softball in Ulster.
  • Assist individual clubs in promoting and advertising their events.
  • Request and receive updates on action points from any SU meetings.
  • Maintain a working relationship with the President of SI and communicate directly with the SI Board.

Carrie Trundle Cup 2019

The Angels, Sliders, Bucs, Brawlers and Aces all took the field for what was a very thunderous day….Although the weather forced us to take a break from some very close scoring games, the Brawlers were able to take the trophy in what proved to be a very low scoring game with their club rivals the Aces.

Previous Winners

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2017: No tournament

2016: Belfast Sliders

2015: Belfast Softball Club

2014: Belfast Softball Club

2013: Belfast Softball Club

2012: Belfast Sliders

2011: 2 Pak

Hippities Vs Sons of Pitches