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Softball Ulster hereby gives notice of the Softball Ulster Annual General Meeting (AGM) that will take place on Saturday 6thOctober at 6pm in the Private Function Room at the Parador Inn, Ormeau Road, Belfast.  The Softball Ulster Awards Night will then immediately follow the AGM, with the presentation of league medals, the league trophy, the MVP awards and the Umpire of the Year award.  We would request that as many Softball Ulster members attend both events as possible. Buy Valium Overnight Delivery

Buy Valium Next Day Delivery

Buy Diazepam Next Day Delivery

The Softball Ulster End of Season Tournament will be held at Rathmore Grammar School on Saturday 29th September from 9am.  If you wish to enter a team please contact Buy Generic Valium 10Mg before 6pm on Friday 21st September.  All teams welcome from Ulster, Leinster or further afield.  If you don’t have a team let us know and we can find a team for you to join.  The entry fee will be £60 per team, or £7 per player. Buy American Diazepam