Extraordinary General Meeting

Dear Registered Member of Softball Ulster,

Notice is hereby given for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Softball Ulster Membership to ratify the outcomes of the Annual General Meeting, where quorum was not achieved.  The Extraordinary General Meeting will take place on Thursday 2nd December at 7pm.

It is important that quorum is met at this EGM to progress the activities of the Softball Ulster Council in the 2022 season.  To reach quorum we require 1/5 of the membership to be in attendance, which equates to 34 members or approximately 5 members per team.  To facilitate this, Softball Ulster are holding the EGM virtually.  If quorum is not met, Softball Ulster will be required to call further EGM(s) until it is achieved.

An agenda for this meeting can be accessed by clicking here.  The main points of business that Softball Ulster requires at this meeting includes:

  • Ratification of Victoria Denstedt co-opted as Treasurer
  • Ratification of Laura O’Connor co-opted as Secretary
  • Ratification of Casey Purcella co-opted as Media Officer
  • Ratification of Sean Gottschalk co-opted as Chief Umpire
  • Ratification of Andrew Craven as SU representative to SI Board
  • Ratification of Andrew Craven as SU representative to the SI AGM
  • Ratification of Jay Slevin as the auditor for the 2022 season
  • Vote to agree the minutes of the 2020 AGM
  • Vote on the addition of a dissolution clause to the SU Constitution

A discussion will also be held with the membership at the EGM on the issues Softball Ulster has with achieving quorum, and options that the SU Council can pursue to ensure that quorum is met at future meetings.  These discussions will filter into the constitution review that will take place in 2022.

Please note that no paper copies of the accounts, agenda, bylaws, or constitution will be distributed.  To save on cost and resources these will be emailed out in advance of the meeting so you can view them on your own electronic devices or print out copies for your own records.  Please note that the most up to date bylaws and constitution are currently available in PDF format on the Softball Ulster website.

We would like to re-iterate the Softball Ulster Council’s hope that most of you will attend this very important meeting on Thursday 2nd December 2021 at 7pm.