Autumn Tournament 2021

Autumn Series Week 1

Sunday 19th September was the first day of the Softball Ulster Autumn League, an indoor-style tournament at Colin Glen Leisure Park. In a first for Softball Ulster, five teams attended the Sunday morning session where indoor softball rules were applied to an outdoor setting: Belfast Angels, Belfast Cubs, Belfast Softball Club 1, Belfast Softball Club 2 and the Lisburn Hawks.

Fun and hilarity ensued as players familiar and new to indoor rules tackled the fast-paced nature of the game. Not only were the players frantically rotating at home plate, but the volunteer umpires and scorers had to keep up with the cats ensuing in front of them. All-in-all the feedback from the morning was positive, with players keen to return for week 2 of the tournament on Sunday 26th September.

The current standings going into week 2 are:

1st: Belfast Softball Club 1 (9 points)

2nd: Belfast Cubs (6 points)

3rd: Belfast Softball Club 2 (3 points)

4th=: Belfast Angels (0 points)

4th=: Lisburn Hawks (0 points)

Week 2 will see the Bucs and Sliders joining the tournament for some friendly games.

Softball Ulster would like to take this time to thank Belfast City Council for their generous grant that has subsidised this tournament, and for the use of their pitches at Colin Glen Leisure Park.