2019 League Well Under Way

The first week of the 2019 Softball Ulster League has come and gone in a spectacular fashion. Three games in total took place over the weekend, with the Bucs hosting 2018 league winners the Brawlers in Bangor, the Angels hosting the Smokin’ Aces at Hydebank and the Sliders giving up their home advantage to join the Cubs at Strandtown on Monday night.

The first of two games on Sunday, the Brawlers won 25 runs to 3 against the Bucs, who made use of the run ahead rule after the fifth inning. Elsewhere on Sunday, the Smokin’ Aces won 26 runs to 9 against the Angels, giving Belfast Softball Club a double win over the weekend. On Monday night, despite losing their home advantage, the Sliders won 26 runs to 12 against 2018 league runners up the Cubs. All-in-all it was an exciting first weekend of softball in Ulster.

Bucs v Brawlers in full swing on Sunday 19th May 2019

So far the 2019 League table looks a little bit like this…

League Standings (2019)


And the shape of the season to come looks a little bit like this…

Bucs   Aug 25 Jul 21 10-9 3-25 16-22
Angels 21-7   Jul 28 20-34 2-20 9-26
Cubs 40-10 24-11   Jul 7 Aug 11 Aug 18
Sliders Aug 19 Jul 22 26-12   Aug 26 20-19
Brawlers Jul 8 Aug 19 25-14 15-3   Jul 22
Aces Jul 1 Jul 8 Jun 24 Aug 12 13-33  

So why not come along to some of the upcoming games of the season and see the Ulster teams in action. A full calendar of events is now live on the Softball Ulster website, and included in the matrixes above.

Belfast Sliders after their first win of the 2019 season