Umpiring Q&A

With the softball season about to start again, we are in need of more umpires for the SU league. If you’re interested in umpiring, here’s a short Q&A that will hopefully answer some of your questions.

Why Umpire?
To learn a new skill.
To become a better player.
To give something back to the sport.
How do I become an umpire?
We will be running a free umpire training course before the start of the season, on 4th May at 10am in Harlequins Rugby Club. It consists of training slides, interactive discussions and mechanics practice.
Will I be expected to plate umpire straight away?
Not usually. We try to introduce new umpires into field umpiring first, partnered with an experienced plate umpire, to give you the chance to build up confidence and experience.
What support will I have?
At each game our new umpires will be on a team with an experienced umpire to help guide them through the game. We also have a private online SU Umpire forum where umpires can ask rule questions and discuss calls from previous games with their fellow umpires.
Will I have to umpire every week?
Hopefully not. The larger the pool of umpires we have, the fewer matches everyone has to do. Generally over the season you would expect to umpire 4 or 5 times at most, so an average of maybe once per month.
Will I need to read the rule book?
Yes, you will. But you’ll find that you already know the vast majority of the rules just from playing softball. The rule book will add a bit more detail and help you understand why certain rules are there, and the consequences of them.
Does every team need umpires?
Yes. The SU bylaws state that any team in existence for more than 2 years must supply a minimum of 2 umpires for the season. Our umpire volunteers help to make the league run smoothly and it is for the benefit of everyone that each team contributes to the pool of umpires.