Vote for the 2018 Awards

It is that time of the year again when Softball Ulster invites the membership to vote for a male and female ‘Most Valuable Player’ (MVP) as well as an ‘Umpire of the Year’.  This year we have asked the teams to nominate two male and two female players for MVP and the winner will be decided from this list through a popular vote of the membership.  The ‘Umpire of the Year’ award will also be decided through a popular vote, to include all the active umpires over the past season.  Details of the players and umpires nominated are detailed after the link.

The rules governing the popular vote are:

  1. You must be registered with Softball Ulster to vote;
  2. You may only cast one vote per category, i.e. three votes in total (one for male MVP, one for female MVP and one for Umpire of the Year);
  3. You may only vote for a person who has been nominated for the category;
  4. You may not vote for a player on your own team;
  5. You may vote for a player in another team within your own club;
  6. Votes must be emailed to;
  7. Votes must be received before 6pm on Friday 28thSeptember 2018.

Any votes not following the rules above will be discounted from the final results.  The winners will be announced at the Annual General Meeting and End of Season Awards Party in the Parador Inn (Ormeau Road) on Saturday 6thOctober 2018 from 6pm (immediately following the Softball Ulster AGM).

The list of nominated players for MVP and Umpire of the Year are as follows:

Female MVP
Elaine Barr (Brawlers)
Christina Carty (Smokin’ Aces)
Kerry Gottschalk (Smokin’ Aces)
Deb Gray (Brawlers)
Kirsty Mawhinney (Belfast Cubs)
Marian Neill (Belfast Sliders)
Camilla O’Neill (Bangor Bucs)
Sinead Shackley (Belfast Angels)
Rachel Murray (Belfast Angels)
Vik Scott  (Belfast Cubs)
Jay Slevin (Belfast Sliders)
Nicole Taylor (Bangor Bucs)

Male MVP
Chris Barr (Belfast Cubs)
Jonny Craven (Belfast Sliders)
Will Gilpin (Bangor Bucs)
Gareth Horne (Belfast Angels)
David Kelly (Bangor Bucs)
Ryan Kerr (Smokin’ Aces)
Tom Napier (Brawlers)
Timothy Rankin (Belfast Sliders)
Sean Shackley (Belfast Angels)
Richard Simpson (Smokin’ Aces)
Phil Wallace (Brawlers)
Ian Walker (Belfast Cubs)

Umpire of the Year
Maarten Blanken
Reggie Clarke (Belfast Angels)
Jonny Craven (Belfast Sliders)
Sean Gottschalk (Brawlers)
Cesar Navarro (Belfast Cubs)
Timothy Rankin (Belfast Sliders)
Jason Scott (Belfast Angels)
Jay Slevin (Belfast Sliders)
Ian Walker (Belfast Cubs)
Philip Wallace (Brawlers)
Mark White (Brawlers)