Rules and Regulations

The rules for the Softball Ulster League follow the adult co-ed slowpitch softball rules from the following sources in the order specified. Click on the links to access the appropriate documents.

Umpire Equipment

The items and/or equipment that you shoud bring along to a Softball Ulster League game include:

  • Match card and pen.
  • A list of the registered players on each team.
  • Clicker.
  • Injury report.
  • A copy of the banned bat list or at least know the banned bats.
Match Cards

Match cards should be issued to the teams in order to:

  • Record batting orders and carry out a checklist at beginning of the game.
  • Record score.
  • Record injuries (witness reports should be obtained and injury report filled in).
  • Be signed by both captains.
  • Match cards should also be handed to or emaied to one of the SU council members (prefereably the the umpire in chief or head of competitions).
Match Issues

If any issues are raised during a Softball Ulster League match, the umpire should forward these on to the most appropraite member of the Softball Ulster Council. Examples of issues include:

  • Rules, appeals or protests during the game. Please contact
  • Game scheduling. Please contact
Team Equipment

The home team and home team captain will be responsible for providing the following at all Softball Ulster League matches:

  • At least two 12 inch and two 11 inch game balls (as specified in byelaws).
  • At least four helmets (as specified in byelaws).
  • A playing field, bases and other facilities.

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