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Following the 2018 AGM Softball Ulster has a few new faces on the Council from 2019.  Congratulations to Phil Wallace (Brawlers) who will be moving from Media Officer to Chief Umpire, Andrew Craven (Sliders) who will be staying as Secretary, Rachel Bourgault (Angels) who is joining as Vice Chair, Glenn McKnight (Bucs) who is joining as Competitions Officer, and Kerry Gottschalk (Aces) who is joining as Media Officer. Valium Rx Online

Ordering Valium Online

Buy Ardin Diazepam

What a day we got for the Softball Ulster End of Season Tournament where the Leinster Craicers came up from Dublin and swooped the coveted End of Season trophy.  The tournament was well attended by the Ulster teams, with all six (Aces, Angels, Bawlers, Bucs, Cubs and Sliders) making an appearance.  The Smokin’ Aces led the group stage of the competition, but it was the Craicers who pipped them to the win in the final.  This tournament brings the 2018 to a close, with only the AGM and Awards Night next Saturday 6th October to go. Buy Valium Cheap Online Uk